The Men's B&B Breakfast Fellowship is a long standing tradition at
FCC. Beginning in 1989 under the gentle guidance of then Pastor
James W. White (presently Pastor Emeritus), this group of men has
faithfully met regularly on Thursday mornings in the Gregg Library. It was
originally dubbed as Bonding & Bran Flakes. Later some called it Bonding & Breakfast or
used other more esoteric descriptors. Each week one of the men chooses the topic and leads
the discussion, and another brings exquisite cuisine for breakfast. A pot of hot coffee is
always available. Many years ago the group was quite small; in recent years, there are about
a dozen men in attendance. Some men are regulars and some come and go from time to time.
In 1989, Jim White had a conversation with Van Shaw following the death of Van's daughter.
Out of that poignant discussion came the identification of the need for a Men's Group at FCUCC.
Early attendees include Jim White, Dick Littrell, Mike McAdams, Will Hinkley, Wes
Burnett, Alan Severn, Jody McCoy, Jim Bramwell, Wilber Fulker, and Rusty Weeks. What does this group talk about? There are no restrictions. Topics vary from spiritual, historical, scientific, and environmental to political, technological, medical, financial, economic, and experiential. Here is a list of recent topics:
Bee Hives at Home
My Time in Africa as a Youth
The Immigration Dilemma
Guns in America
The Olympic Training Center
Gerrymandering Impact
Great Hymns
Ancestry Discovery
Where We Get Our News
Irish Humor
Brief Christian Histories
Growing up in North Carolina
Behavioral economics
Aspergers Syndrome
Nudge: Improving Decisions