Robust, Diverse and rooted in tradition

We acknowledge and value the diverse artistic interests and talent represented by members of our congregation. Members and visitors often comment on the power and beauty of our music and arts ministry.


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Worship and special performances

Chancel Choir
Director: David Acton
Accompanist: Sandi Shroads
Rehearsal at 7pm on Thursdays
Flute Choir
Director: Phyllis White
Rehearsals: 6pm on Wednesdays
Bells of Saint Vrain
Director: David Acton
Rehearsals: 7pm on Tuesday evenings

Worship services are grounded in the music provided by our historic Hook and Hastings organ, installed in 1889 and most recently completely refurbished in 2013.

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Music and Arts Ministry Team:

David Acton (Staff Liasion), Cynthia Riley (Council Liaison)

Music: Sydni Dittmer (Chair), Jerome Carter, Minette Church, Kathy Lindeman, Lee Lehmkuhl, Joan Loecker, Mary Jane Ray

Visual Arts: Christine Hall, Larry Patzer

Director of Music, David Acton Read Vision Statement