What is worship at FCC?

Worship at FCC is unique for so many reasons.
Here are some of the words collected from members of the congregation

  • “Worship at FCC is a blend of people and of traditional and outside-the-box liturgy. You’ll see a variety of people, from singles to couples to families of many configurations. You’ll see same-gender couples worshiping alongside opposite gender couples.”
  • “Our worship is meant to be creative and participatory while grounded in a fairly traditional liturgy. We open with the threefold ringing of a singing bowl.”
  • “Children tend to feel at home in our Sanctuary. Most sit with their parents, but some sit with friends. There are worship tools for children in one corner of the Sanctuary to help them participate fully in the service. A Children’s Message happens about 15-20 minutes into the hour and all children are invited forward. Sometimes parents join them in the message, to help their children feel more confident. After the message, children may return and sit with their families, or they journey to one of the classrooms to continue in a worship experience geared toward children.”
  • “Music at First Congregational is grounded in beautiful and traditional sacred music. The historic organ is the backbone of our worshiping life together.
    • The Chancel Choir, Joyful Noise Children’s Choir, Bells of Saint Vrain Handbell Choir, and FCC Flute Choir provide music ranging from contemporary to gospel, to world music to classical.
    • The music selected for congregational singing comes from a wide variety of genres. Most often, congregational selections come from the New Century Hymnal, (published in 1995).  This hymnal includes most standard hymns that have been in the Protestant repertoire for centuries, but in order to make it more inclusive for modern congregations, many of the words of familiar hymns have been changed.  These hymns are usually accompanied by organ, piano or guitar.
    •  On occasion (maybe 2-3 songs per month) we also have congregational songs that come from other sources.  Sometimes from other Protestant hymnals, sometimes from the Roman Catholic repertoire published by Oregon Catholic Press, and sometimes other contemporary Christian sources. 
    • Piano-led chants guide the Holy Communion.
    • Special music is offered by people of all ages playing a variety of instruments.
    • Children and youth often share music that they are working on for piano/violin/voice (etc.) recitals.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful amount of talent in our midst!”
  • “We feel the services are intelligent with a sense of tradition.  The Kids’ Community Worship (KC Worship) is great. Our kids get to learn about God through play and the teaching is geared to reach them at their level. We walked our children down to the classrooms the first few services until our children (and we as parents) were comfortable with them going on their own. We appreciate that we are able to choose if our children attend KC Worship or stay with us during the service.  We love the sense  of welcome and feel like we have found “our” church to worship God.”
  • “Coming from a more contemporary worship background (with lights and a big rock band), I have found joy in the diversity of musical choices at FCC, from classic hymns sung with organ accompaniment, to gospel style songs with hand drums, to contemporary selections with guitars and piano. I appreciate the thought and intention put into creating a worship service that has a core theme and flows in a way that allows one to more fully grasp the scripture selection for that Sunday and the content from the sermon.”
  • “When we say the Lord’s Prayer here at FCC we use the inclusive language of “Our Mother, Our Father…” as we honor the masculine and feminine traits of God. We also use “sins” rather than “trespasses.”
  • “I love doing the Welcome, Wonder, Witness at the beginning of the service!”
  • What is “Faith Formation”? In the context of First Congregational Church, this is “Christian Education”.

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