Vacation Bible School 2016: A Multi-Faith Experience

VBS-LogoAugust 1-5, 2016

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During the first week in August, children will gather together to gain an introduction to four
global faiths: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. By opening to this opportunity, children grow to understand and deepen into their own faith practices while gaining greater understanding and tolerance of the faiths of others.

Core values such as the Golden Rule, sacred symbols, rituals, prayer forms, foods and festivals may be introduced through a variety of mediums in accordance to each faith tradition using music, fun, and meaningful hands-on activities and experiences.

Each day will be addressed to the comfort level and needs of children, but we encourage adults to attend and share the experiences with their children.

We have attempted to limit travel variables by locating each Sacred Space as close as possible to downtown Colorado Springs. Each Faith Community will host one morning from 9:00 am- noon at their sacred space. On Friday morning we will celebrate all that we have shared with community games, creation of peace poles, and closing rituals.

The Golden Rule, a cord woven throughout all the spiritual traditions of the world, leads us onto the path of peace, through compassion, tolerance, and understanding. Once held in our hearts, every breath becomes a prayer and brings us a step closer to peace. Our children become the Ambassadors of Peace for the future.

Each Global Faith Community has many branches and continuums of beliefs and practices. We are not attempting to capture
the width and breadth of each faith. Rather, we are representing four faith communities practiced here in Colorado Springs, providing an introduction, a taste, and an exploration of the faith traditions of each one of those communities. We invite children to witness and experience other faiths, so their world may be shaped by personal relationships and interactions and not media, political and global events. The intention is not to proselytize any single faith. Attendees will not be required to participate or be invited into activities outside of their faith traditions. The liaison team will share their plans and work
together to provide programs that are mutually sensitive and respectful for all participants.



JUDAISM: ShalomVBS.brochure cover
Location: Temple Shalom- Rabbi Mel Glazer
1523 E. Monument St.
Liaison Contact: Eileen Levin

Location: Shove Chapel, Colorado College
1010 N Nevada Avenue.
Liaison Contact: Ivan Mayerhofer

ISLAM: Salaam
Location: Islamic Society of Colorado Springs- Arshad Yousufi
2125 Chestnut Street.
Liaison Contact: Asifa & Yousf Khan

Location: First Congregational Church- Rev. Ben Broadbent
20 East Saint Vrain St.
Liaison Contact: Del Hokanson

Location: A central location yet to be announced. Community games and activities, the creation of peace poles for each community and closing ritual.

Contact Del Hokanson for more information:
719.635.3549 or

Return completed Registration Forms to:
Del Hokanson
Director of Children’s and Family Ministry
First Congregational Church
20 East Saint Vrain Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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