Del Hokanson

Director of Children's and Family Ministry

Director of Children’s Ministry

Delrae Hokanson has been the director of Children’s Ministry at First Congregational Church since 2008.  Prior to this, she served a term as Education representative on the Church Council after volunteering on both the Education and Community Life committees. After receiving training in the Our Whole Lives, Sexuality and Our Faithprogram in San Francisco in 1998, she has facilitated over 100 teens through the 8/9 program in the past decade at FCC. Her passion has been creating community through creative, spiritual, and life-affirming coaching.

Delrae received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from the South Australian College of Advanced Education, majoring in Physical Education and Biology. After teaching in secondary schools in Australia for seven years, she met her husband, Peter, through an International Teacher’s Exchange program. They married at Fountain Valley School in September 1997. With grants from the United States Field Hockey Association, based at Olympic Training Center, Del spent the next 10 years promoting and creating a community Field Hockey program, that earned her the privilege of serving on the National Board for three years. Her family returned to Australia for five years, where Del was hired to develop a program to inspire and develop elite high school athletes.

Upon the family’s return to Colorado, with Peter’s job as IB English instructor at Palmer High School, Del worked as the Division 3 classroom teacher of math and science at the private community Renaissance Academy school until its closure.

Del and Pete have two daughters, Kea and Hannah, who have been members at First Congregational Church for over 20 years.

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