2017 Mission Giving and Outreach Application Forms Submission Page

The 2017 Grant Application is now available.
Please note this year’s Grant Application Deadline: June 1st, 2017

The Focus of this year’s application is funding projects that address homelessness in Colorado Springs. Homelessness was identified as a top concern for our congregation in a 2015 survey and has remained a top priority.  A more recent congregational survey will develop further priorities within that scope of addressing homelessness. If your project does not propose to serve people experiencing homelessness, it will likely not meet the funding priorities for this year.  Should you have any questions, please contact MG&O members Charlotte Bundgaard at charlotte@trystanphotography.com or Amanda Terrell-Orr at aterrellorr@gmail.com.

Grant Application Guidelines:

  1. Download the 2017 Mission Giving & Outreach Application Form.
  2. Complete the form and upload it below as a Word doc or PDF with the following file-name rules:
    • ORGANIZATIONNAME-application-form-4DIGITYEAR.extension
      • example: FCUCC-application-form-2017.pdf
  3. Complete a type-written request to include the following information:
    • The purpose of the project.
    • Its relationships to the committee’s mission statement
    • The amount of money requested and how it will be spent
    • The involvement, if any, of FCC members
    • If you have received a grant from FCC in the past, how were the funds spent and  what was the impact the grant had for your organization
  4. Complete the typed request and upload it below as a Word doc or PDF with the following file-name rules:
    • ORGANIZATIONNAME-typed-request-4DIGITYEAR.extension
      • example: FCUCC-typed-request-2016.pdf
  5. Upload a copy of your 510(c)(3) letter from the IRS designating your organization as a non-profit with the following file-name rules:
      • example: FCUCC-501c3-2016.pdf
Upload files