“THE COMMUNICATOR” (monthly newsletter)

The Communicator (Monthly Newsletter)

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Would you like to submit an article for The Communicator?
The monthly deadline is the 15th day of the month.
Please send articles to:
Emily Bond – emily@fcucc.org, copying Pete Hokanson – petehokanson@gmail.com.
The Communicator invites articles, notices, and letters relevant to the life of our congregation.   Accepted submissions may be edited for length, clarity, and correctness.  Opinions expressed by writers do not necessarily reflect official FCC policy.


  •  Include author’s name, church role & contact email and phone.
  •  Include a title suggestion and photos, if available.
  •  Articles should be a MAXIMUM of 500 words (one page max. in Book Antiqua size 11, if available).
  • Short articles and announcements are welcomed and will be vetted to decide about inclusion.
  • May be an MSWord attachment or an email.
 Accepted LATE submissions may be placed in the next edition or may be sent out via weekly e-blast.

With questions, please contact Emily Bond in the office at 719.635.3549.

The Communicator


April 2017 Communicator

March 2017 Communicator

February 2017 Communicator

January 2017 Communicator


December 2016 Communicator
November 2016 Communicator
October 2016 Communicator
September 2016 Communicator
Summer 2016 Communicator (covering June, July, August)
May 2016 Communicator
April 2016 Communicator
March 2016 Communicator
February 2016 Communicator
January 2016 Communicator


December 2015 Communicator
November 2015 Communicator
October 2015 Communicator
September 2015 Communicator 
Summer 2015 Communicator (June – August)
May 2015 Communicator
April 2015 Communicator
March 2015 Communicator
February 2015 Communicator
January 2015 Communicator


December 2014 Communicator
November 2014 Communicator
October 2014 Communicator
September 2014 Communicator 
Summer 2014 Communicator (June-August)
May 2014 Communicator
April 2014 Communicator
March 2014 Communicator
February 2014 Communicator
January 2014 Communicator


December 2013 Communicator
November 2013 Communicator
October 2013 Communicator
September 2013 Communicator
July – August 2013 Communicator
June 2013 Communicator
May 2013 Communicator
April 2013 Communicator
March 2013 Communicator
February 2013 Communicator 
January 2013 Communicator

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