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First Congregational Church is a member of the Colorado Non-Profit Association. Each fall, members of the church staff attend the CNPA conference in Denver. This past week, CNPA celebrated its 30th Anniversary. We are delighted to share with you the Association’s brand new video: “You can do MORE”, featuring First Congregational Church and our own Director of Financial Ministries, Ruth Roland: 



SALT Project video welcoming folks to FCC:


SALT Project video depicting what Lent means to FCC:

God does all that she does and will do through First Congregational Church because of YOUR presence as well as YOUR gifts of time, talent and financial resources. Pledging, and then giving, connects us in a deep way to each other.

We celebrate our 140th Anniversary this year!
Great thanks are extended to Trig Bundgaard, Marge Murray, Nancy Forgy, Marti Booth, and the Church History Team for their efforts in creating this priceless gem.
Happy Birthday, Primo Congo!



FCUCC Council Member, Gloria Latimer shared a liturgical tap dance on Sunday, October 26. We are blessed to have her talent among us! Thank you, Gloria! Enjoy!!

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