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Did you know that Rev. Benjamin Broadbent is a co-writer of a weekly article in the Colorado Springs Independent? See below to view articles. The writers (local religious and spiritual leaders) of this article are limited to 125 words! But now, you can listen to them converse weekly on KCMJ.org where they will have extensive conversations.

Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten hosts this new weekly interfaith dialogue and has assembled a panel of 8 rotating co-hosts to discuss current issues and explore similarities and differences among the faiths.

Each week’s radio show is available “on demand.”

  • Go to KCMJ.org, click “on demand”
  • scroll down until you see the show.
    • If you are on a mobile device, you can upload an app called “Tune In,” which will play the on demand programming.
    • Once you upload the app, search for KCMJ, then follow the same directions as above.


Each month, Rev. Benjamin Broadbent co-writes an article for the Colorado Springs Independent.  Entitled In Good Faith this article addresses current issues and opens up a dialogue:


In Good Faith, June 10: “What’s your take on the old saying, “Money is the root of all evil?” What’s so wrong with appreciating wealth and material things?”

In Good Faith, June 3: “There are many aspects of the Christian faith that I find winsome and attractive, but I have serious issues with its apparent intolerance of other belief systems. Wouldn’t you agree that there can be many different pathways to God?”

In Good Faith, May 20: “While the first amendment of the constitution nobly attempts to build a “wall separating Church and State” in America, is a real separation possible in the United States?”

In Good Faith, April 8: “I struggle seeing so many people asking for money on the street corners. The faith side of me says to help them, but the practical side of me says they will just buy booze or drugs. What are your thoughts?”

In Good Faith, April 1: “Is the story of the Resurrection relevant in today’s world – or has Easter become another consumerism-oriented holiday?

In Good Faith, March 19: “Is the concept of evolution in any way compatible with Christian theology?

In Good Faith, March 4: “How do I memorialize my cat, and is there an afterlife for animals?”

In Good Faith, February 11: “How do I take the keys away (from my mother) and still respect her God-given free will?”

In Good Faith, February 4: “Are Christianity and capitalism compatible?”

In Good Faith, January 28: “Where is God in tragedy?”

In Good Faith, January 7: “What’s the point of this column, why is it important, and what are you hoping to accomplish in 2015?”


In Good Faith, December 31: “What would you sacrifice in order to change the world?”

In Good Faith, December 24: “What is your take on NDEs?”

In Good Faith, November 26: “What would you sacrifice in order to change the world?”

In Good Faith, November 12: “Do you think Religion will ever go away?”

In Good Faith, November 5: “Any News?”

In Good Faith, October 15: “Is there anything I can do?”

In Good Faith, October 8: “What Should We Do?”

In Good Faith, September 24: “Should human life be considered more “sacred” than other forms of life?”

In Good Faith, January 1-7:  “Is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream still alive in 2014?”

In Good Faith, January 4: “Evolution or Intelligent Design?


In Good Faith, November 6: “What is a Miracle?

 In Good Faith, September 25: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

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