Visual and Performing Arts

Come express yourself!

Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, décor, acting, dance, set design and construction, production, direction…oh my!

Liturgical Drama and Dance:
Liturgical Dance and Drama are important components of worship at FCC. Each Palm Sunday, liturgical dancers beautifully and solemnly drape the chancel in black cloths while an a capella quartet sings “Were You There” to prepare those gathered for Holy Week. The Chancel and Joyful Noise Choirs use choreography to enhance choral selections. Dramatic monologues and soliloquies, written by members of our congregation, have been featured during services to engage the congregation in creative and unique ways.
Contact: Mandy Todd, Director of Music and Arts, (719) 635-3549 |

Visual Arts:
The artwork of members and friends of FCC is featured frequently during services. Works displayed in the past include photographs by Glenn Capers and Bob Kelly, paintings by Kim Polomka and Jerry Bryant, and quilt work by Gayle Jordan. We have recently created the Atrium Art Display on the west wall of the FCC Atrium. Each month, this wall features the artwork of FCC members and friends. We have been honored to display works by Bob Kelly, Karen Peace, Kim Polomka, Wilma Steenbergen, and Lynn Chapman. If you are interested in displaying your artwork, contact Mandy Todd.
Contact: Mandy Todd, Director of Music and Arts, (719) 635-3549 |

Sanctuary Arts:
Our beautiful sanctuary provides a remarkable environment in which to worship. Through the talents of the Sanctuary Arts Committee, our sanctuary becomes even more beautiful. The Sanctuary Arts Committee is responsible for the decoration of the sacred space in the sanctuary for Sunday Worship and special services, including Easter and Christmas.
Contact: Mandy Todd, Director of Music and Arts, (719) 635-3549 |

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