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Many folks turned out for the Memorial Service for Raven Canon on Sunday, March 12, 2017.  First Congregational Church was filled with people who loved Raven…knew Raven…had heard of Raven.

The service was a special occasion in her memory, beginning with a 30 minute performance by Mo Mungus.
Thank you to everyone who was involved – who helped to make this beautiful event take place.

On this post, you can click to listen to the various different segments of the service.

  1. Welcome – Psalm 27 – Rev. Jacque Franklin
  2. Performance of Redemption – Candace Datz
  3. Reflection – Andy van Gogh
  4. Reflection – Lyn Harwell
  5. Musical Reflection – Steve St. Thomas
  6. Meditation: Child of God – Rev. Jacque Franklin
  7. Reflection: Remembering Raven – Trig Bundgaard
  8. Performance of God Help the Outcasts – Victoria Hansen & Miriam Giese
  9. Closing Benediction – Rev. Jacque Franklin
  10. Postlude – Ky-manni Marley

Click below to watch the short video which was played during the service:

Memorial Gifts in honor of Raven may be given to The Springs Echo Street Paper:


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