White Privilege Epiphany Classes

white-privilege-textGiven our commitment as a congregation to work towards justice, peace, and inclusivity in the work of building the kin-dom of God, we will be embarking on a 5-week journey during Adult Faith Formation in January and February, 2017 to intentionally engage the issue of White Privilege. This course is based on curriculum developed by the National UCC office.

Because of the nature of these conversations and the care with which we want to embark on this journey together, we are asking that interested people register for this 5-week course and commit to being at all five sessions, in order to provide safe, consistent space for processing and discussion. Groups will be facilitated by lay-members of the congregation who have gone through previous training. Participants will be assigned to a group to which they will be asked to commit to for the 5 weeks.
Please note, registration for this 5-week course has now closed.

lets-talkWe are holding two “drop-in” classes, led by Dr. Christina Jimenez, for all those interested in getting a 101 perspective on white privilege. These will be in the FCC Sanctuary at 9:45 am on January 22 and February 12. Contact Candace Datz for more info.

Rev. John Dorhauer, General Minister of the UCC, has said this about this curriculum and topic: “We don’t promise that this will be easy to discuss. It will challenge basic assumptions about race that help white communities maintain a system of privilege that, while prevalent, often goes unnoticed by even the best-intentioned of white advocates for justice. Nonetheless, the work we do to deepen our awareness of how privilege is made manifest, and the commensurate work of unmasking and dismantling that privilege, is among the most important work we white leaders can commit to.