Friday Film Series

Lenten Friday Film Series 2017

Pot Luck Supper – 6:30 pm, followed by the films at 7:00 pm, and then discussion.
All films are free and are shown in the Sanctuary.
Questions or comments – contact Jerry White.
If you require child care during a session, please contact Jerry.

FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017the_lunchbox_26006360_ps_1_s-high
Scripture: Genesis 1 & 2 excerpts
Sermon: Dysfunctional family? Is there such a thing as original sin/fall/debt? 

The Lunchbox
The most successful fast delivery system in the world (the dabbawalas of Mumbai, the envy of Fed Ex and Amazon) serves as the catalyst for a long distance friendship that evolves into a reflection on and a sharing of “loneliness, memories, regrets, fears and even small joys.”  Triggered by a delivery error (said to occur with a frequency of about 1 in 8,000,000) a man and woman are connected through food and carefully crafted notes.

“Only a few times in my life have I wanted to re-watch a movie right away. Ritesh Batra’s first feature, “The Lunchbox” (2013) hooked me within the first act. Imagine the life you live, when a short note of a few lines becomes your daily thrill. Here, we follow the quiet lives of disconnected people reaching across the urban noise of Mumbai, reaching for anyone who would listen. Centering around food, its is a seamless fusion of Satyajit Ray and Nora Ephron, with hints of Akira Kurosawa. Overall, it reminds me that as our cities get more crowded, we get more lonely.” [Omar Mozaffar  on]HBC
 (Directed by Ritesh Batra, 2013, 104 min, Hindi and English with English subtitles)


Hard Boiled Chicken
“In true hard-boiled detective style, a rooster tries to find the thief of the egg that was stolen from his chicken.  Soon all traces point towards the farmer…”
(Directed by Arjan Wilschut, 2005, 5 min, no dialog)



Scripture: Job 1: 1-21
Sermon:  Good and Evil/pain, Dualism – devil and divine

This film has a screenplay by an alum of the Telluride Film Festival Student Program, Barry Jenkins and is based on a play by 2013 MacArthur Fellow Tarell MCraney.  The grew up at the same time in the same poverty and drug burdened Miami neighborhood.  They did not know each other then, but have come together now to create a film of great power, semi-autobiographical, and instilled with all the poetry the cinema can create.  It has been nominated for 8 Oscars!

“Moonlight is both a disarmingly, at times almost unbearably personal film and an urgent social document, a hard look at American reality and a poem written in light, music and vivid human faces.  The stanzas consist of three chapters in the life of Chiron, played as a wide-eyed boy by Alex Hibbert, as a brooding adolescent by Ashton Sanders and as a mostly grown man by Trevante Rhodes. The nature and meaning of manhood is one of Mr. Jenkins’s chief concerns. How tough are you supposed to be? How cruel? How tender? How brave? And how are you supposed to learn?”
[A.O. Scott, NYT]
(Directed by Barry Jenkins, 2018, 110 min, English)

ChasingdreamChasing Dream
This is a superbly relaxing abstract film made for the Dutch recorder quartet Brisk for use in their theater show.
(Directed by Oerd Van Cuijleborg, 2005, 7 min, no dialog)



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