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April Forum – Connecting with the Sacred, Poetry, Sense of History, and Downtown

2 April: Tom Stella – Connecting with the Sacred in Everyday Life. Like a stone skipping across the surface of a pond, many of us go from one activity to the next never slowing down enough to sink into the spiritual depths of who we are and what we do. When we fail to connect with the sacred center of life, we easily lose a sense of meaning, connection, passion, and compassion. Tom will focus on the everyday reality of spirituality and on how we might live in order to sense the sacredness of ourselves, others, and all creation. Tom Stella is the co-founder and director of Soul Link, Inc., a local non-profit whose mission is to create community among spiritual seekers. Tom is also Corporate Chaplain for Centura Health, a spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and the author of three books: The God Instinct, A Faith Worth Believing, and Finding God Beyond Religion.

9 April: Jane Hilberry – My Heart Learned to Sit at Its Desk: Poetry and Creative Process. Drawing on poems from her new book, Still the Animals Enter, Jane will reflect on the dynamics of order and wildness in the making of poetry. Jane Hilberry’s books of poems include Still the Animals Enter, published in 2016, and Body Painting, which won the Colorado Book Award for Poetry. Her poems have appeared in The Hudson Review, Denver Quarterly, Columbia Poetry Review and many other journals. With her father Conrad Hilberry, she co-authored This Awkward Art: Poems by a Father and Daughter, introduced by Richard Wilbur. In addition to teaching Creative Writing, Creativity, and Literature at Colorado College, she has facilitated creativity workshops and arts-based leadership development programs across the United States and at The Banff Centre in Canada.

16 April: No Forum [Easter Sunday]

23 April: David Mason – Amnesiac America: Why A Sense of History is Crucial to a Civil Society. As Alexis de Tocqueville observed in the 1830s, the egalitarian principles of the United States of America come with a cultural tendency to reject the past and emphasize the new. On the whole, Americans have become even more ignorant of history – our own and that of other countries – making us vulnerable to anyone’s “alternative facts.” Many Americans do not even know where they live – the local stories that give meaning to place. David Mason will emphasize some stories of Colorado and America that are worth telling and retelling. David is a former Poet Laureate of Colorado and is a CC professor. He has written the verse novel Ludlow in which he tells of one of the cruelest, bloodiest chapters in the history of American labor (you may remember his last visit to the Forum in April 2014). He has written for periodicals like The Wall Street Journal, The Hudson Review, and The Sewanee Review. He wrote the libretti for an opera with Tom Cipullo, After Life, which premiered in Seattle and San Francisco in May 2015, and The Scarlet Letter (with composer Lori Laitman) premiered at Opera Colorado in Denver in May 2016. Plan to join us as together we examine this profound national dilemma.

30 April: Sarah Humbargar – What the “Experience Downtown Masterplan” Means For Our City. Sarah Humbargar is the Director of Business Development & Economic Vitality for the Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs. She works to ensure that downtown is an exemplary urban environment and a place that attracts and retains talent and new businesses. Sarah is a graduate of the University of Denver, with deep roots in Colorado (a sixth generation Coloradan!). Since joining Downtown Partnership in 2013, she has managed and led several of downtown’s newest projects, including the update to the Experience Downtown Master Plan. Sarah will give us an overview of that Master Plan, and lend her knowledge, insight, and energy to a lively discussion of the ongoing challenges of urban development.

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