Adult Faith Formation Sessions I + II

Lent and the Generous Leadership Series

During the upcoming season of Lent, it’s a good time to step back and reflect about how each of us is contributing our gifts and what other strengths we might want to share with our congregation, and to prepare to serve the needs and opportunities now and in the future. To that end, the Leadership Cultivation Committee (LCC) is sponsoring a Faith Formation series throughout Lent, as part of our efforts to explore different ways of cultivating leadership gifts and developing specific skills to lead over the long term. This series is not about recruiting for current openings – instead, it is dedicated time for anyone interested to listen to how God is speaking about what we have to share, and how we need to grow.

The theme for this 5-week series (from March 5 through April 2) is Generous Leadership, to explore what that looks like in practice, in contrast to the feelings of scarcity we may sometimes have, especially around finding people to help! Here are some of the questions we will explore:

  • How can we help uncover and develop leadership abilities that people want to share, and how can we honor a ‘holy no’ when they aren’t ready?
  • How can we better understand ourselves as leaders, our gifts, and what fills us up, so we can (eventually) find the right outlet?
  • How can we be more present as leaders, to those around us, to feedback, to what God may be saying to us?

Our intention is that this is a drop-in series–while each week may build on the last, please show up anytime. The preliminary outline of sessions is below, though this may change depending on who shows up! Please join us in the Gregg Library.

Week 1 (March 5) – Empathy
Week 2 (March 12) – Self-Awareness
Week 3 (March 19) – Listening & Feedback
Week 4 (March 26) – Spiritual Gifts
Week 5 (April 2) – Topic to be based on group feedback

FAITH FORMATION – Questquest-animate

We are currently taking a break from Quest.


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