Adult Faith Formation Sessions I + II

Gregg Library, 9:45 – 10:45 am (every Sunday)

April 2 – Final session of the Leadership Cultivation Committee class in the Library and the White Privilege Class in East 3.

April 9 – Palm Sunday! No Adult Faith Formation other than the Forum

April 16 – Easter! No Faith Formation classes for any age group

April 23 & 30; May 7 & 21 – JWW Lectureship Prep and Follow-Up

  • April 23 – Conversation on Peter Rollins’s book Orthodox Heretic facilitated by Ethan Everhart.
  • April 30 – Conversation on Idolatry of God facilitated by Debra Buenting.
  • May 7 – Conversation on The Divine Magician (facilitator TBD).
  • May 14Peter Rollins is in town! Discussion in the Sanctuary with him during the Faith Formation Hour
  • May 21 – Follow-up discussion and conversation facilitated by the JWW team

Classroom East 3, 9:45 – 10:45 am (every Sunday)

“The Violence of Easter” with David Bribach

Why did Jesus have to die? The traditional answers require his violent death to save us from God’s wrath. But what then do those answers say about a loving God? We will explore the traditional views of the atonement and their implications. Then we will look at a nonviolent alternative that provides a different vision. Maybe God is not angry at us after all.

  • April 23 – The traditional views of the atonement
  • April 30 – A parable and an alternative
  • May 7 – What are the implications?
  • May 21 – (details tbd)

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