Cooking School 2017

CookingClass-Fun and Shared Experiences-00620Once a month, Fridays – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Church Kitchen.
There is no charge


The Health Care Ministry’s “Cooking School” at First Congregational Church is now in its eighth year and has another amazing line-up of presenters to inspire us in the kitchen.  

Our season starts during Lent, a time of reflection, and ends in October before the holidays become the focus of our attention.  Our presenters come from within our congregation and from other groups and congregations, all skilled and aware that one of the best ways to create community is around the kitchen table.  

We are committed to the idea that we will use fresh, ripe, whole foods in our recipes and avoid the multitude of processed foods or “food-line substances” that are flooding the market.  We will be mindful of portion size to avoid the habit of overeating.  We want to take the necessary time preparing the food in our kitchens so the outcome will be worth the effort and truly nourish our bodies and sustain our health.  We want to share our time around the table with those we know and love, but also with those we are just becoming acquainted with.  As we cultivate these simple habits, we must always be mindful of our blessings and abundance in a world where many are hungry.  

    April 7:  Alyce Morgan will provide a host of new, fresh, springtime ideas for Easter Brunch…and beyond.  Her cookbook, “Soups and Sides for Every Season” is available through Amazon. 

    May 19:  Chef Robert Brunet, owner of Mamma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen, 6620 Delmonico Drive, will demonstrate several Cajun-style dishes for us from a cuisine we may have little familiarity with.  These recipes come from his grandmother’s Louisiana kitchen and will introduce us to some spices that will make our palettes sing.  

    June 23:  We will have 4 volunteers from our “Cooking School” who will present one of their best summertime recipes made from “5 ingredients or less.”  This theme has been requested by members of our “Cooking School” and should help us keep our summers sweet and simple. 

    July 21:  Susan Schenk from Temple Shalom, a professional caterer and familiar presenter at our “Cooking School,” will announce the focus of her presentation as we get closer.  Stay tuned…and plan your summer around her.  She is not to be missed!

    August 18: Patti White will continue with her theme “All Things Peaches” using the Colorado Palisade Peaches which will just be making an appearance in the Farmer’s Markets…

    September 27 & 29:  We are scheduled with the Soup Kitchen at the Marion House on Bijou to serve the homeless.  Our shift is between 10:00 and 1:00.  We are not involved with either the preparation or clean-up, but will be servers in the buffet line as the group comes through.  I am able to take 7 volunteers for each of the day’s listed above.  Stay tuned for details.  There is preliminary paperwork we must submit…but nothing too daunting. 

     October 20:  Mary Frieg from “The Savory Spice Shop” on Tejon will talk about new ideas using spices and herbs to enhance our traditional holiday recipes.  

If you have questions, please contact: Christine Hall (
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