Contemplative Prayer Shawl Ministry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Contemplative Prayer Shawl Ministry was formed in 2005 as a spiritual practice for knitters and as an outreach providing Prayer Shawls to those who are hurting, ill or grieving and in need of comfort. They also provide Baptismal Shawls, which are given as gifts to the newly baptized.

Prayer Shawls often adorn our chancel during worship, receiving blessings in our presence. If you know someone to whom a Prayer Shawl might be given, contact the church office at 719.635.3549.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry gathers to knit on Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the church’s Gregg Library. Visitors, from seasoned knitters and to newcomers, are always welcome.

What is the Prayer Shawl Ministry?
By Rev. Jacque Franklin

A Prayer Shawl is for prayer and comfort during a time of trial or transition. In each knitted stitch is a prayer intended for healing. Those who wear the prayer shawl are reminded that the “Ground of our Being,” a “Higher Power” or “Creator God” cares for each of us and especially during this time. It also reminds the wearer that there is a community of the faithful who are there for support and encouragement.

How does one get a prayer shawl?
Request a prayer shawl for someone by calling the church office (719.635.3549). The shawl is anonymously chosen from the supply of shawls knitted meditatively. They are blessed in our worship service and then lovingly delivered. Anyone from our church can deliver the prayer shawl. It is delivered with the same intentional prayerfulness that it was created. Some people choose to keep their prayer shawl long after their troubled time has past. Some have chosen to be buried with them. Still others give them to someone else in need of a reminder that we do not face this life and its troubles alone.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

What if you would like to knit prayer shawls for the prayer shawl ministry? Contact Prayer Shawl coordinator, Barb Keiser (719.520.5010), for more information. You can be a veteran knitter or someone who just wants to learn. Come by and visit the prayer shawl knitters as they quietly sit in each other’s presence knitting every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in the Gregg Library.

Our prayer shawl ministry reaches out to other areas of the world. Prayer shawls have been delivered to a hospice in Africa, and to family members throughout the world. Some have been delivered to celebrities, politicians, children with cancer and abused women in a local shelter. The church has received many thank-you cards for the prayer shawls received. They are all read by the knitters to bless them in their work. Thank you, prayer shawl ministers. Your gift is greatly appreciated.

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