Health Ministry

The Health Ministry Committee began its service to the congregation in 2009. This committee focuses on promoting holistic health and preventing or minimizing illness/injury in our faith community. The scope of our work is five fold: Congregational Nursing, health education, liaison to community resources, support to families in healthcare crisis and certain support services to members who are home bound, have had surgery or who have a prolonged illness or injury. This committee supports the physical and emotional health of the congregation by providing information and resources on health promotion and disease prevention as well as health crisis support.

Congregational Nurse
The Congregational Nurse is a licensed registered nurse who has been trained in community nursing in a parish setting. She is on call to members and friends of our congregation with health concerns. She does home visits after surgery or during prolonged recoveries and illness. She reports to the Associate Pastor as they develop caring support for members in need.
Contact: Lesli Weaver (719.271.5243 /


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