Flower Donation and Delivery

spring-bouquet-20485-1920x1200Each Sunday, the church is blessed with the donation of beautiful flowers on the Chancel, donated by friends and members of First Congregational Church.

If you would like to donate flowers for worship, please sign up on the Flower Chart, located in the FCC Atrium. Alternatively, please contact the Flower Coordinator, Ann Benson (annbens@aol.com).

Recommended Florists:

The suggested donation amount is $55-$85 (not including delivery) to ensure that you have a variety of flowers included that are the right size and proportion for our Sanctuary. The suggested florists will also ensure that the seasonal colors for the Christian calendar year will be included. 

Please request that the flowers be delivered to the church on Friday (9 a.m.- 4 p.m.) or on Saturday (9 a.m. – noon). If delivery of the flowers will be delayed, please have the florist contact the church office (635.3549) to make arrangements.

Flower donors are welcome to take the flowers home following the second service, or donate them to someone through the church. Please indicate your preference when you sign up.