Congregational Nurse

nurseLesli Weaver, Congregational Nurse

My name is Lesli Weaver. I was born in Coronado, California and raised in Houston, Texas. I attended Wellesley College and took my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Beth-El College of Nursing. Going into it somewhat later in life, I’ve been an RN for 24 years.

I have three daughters – Susannah, Kaylah and Hannah – and ten grand-children. I am the oldest of five siblings. The constellation of my family also includes beloved in-laws, my former husband and his wife, a profusion of nieces and nephews, and my parents, even though they died a good while back.

I would characterize this motley crew as lively, loving, curious, empathetic, adventurous, prayerful, gentle, joyful, intuitive, compassionate, and really fun to be around.

And, over the years, one or more of us have dealt with:

  • dementia
  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • abortion
  • autism
  • diabetes
  • trauma
  • teen pregnancy
  • hypertension
  • alcoholism
  • emphysema
  • abandonment issues
  • adoption
  • depression
  • single parenthood
  • learning disabilities
  • attachment disorder
  • cancer
  • divorce
  • step-parenting
  • thyroid disease
  • asthma
  • anxiety
  • domestic violence
  • blended families

I don’t share this with you to suggest that any of the above qualify me to diagnose and treat others. Rather, that my family have helped me embrace and be humbled by the human condition we all share. And they have taught me that grace and mercy and kindness and forgiveness may be the greatest gifts we can receive or bestow.

So what I have to offer you, my dear church family, is my companionship on whatever journey you care to share with me. I will not diagnose or treat (as that is outside of my scope of practice as a Congregational Nurse), but I can make suggestions, help with referrals to community services, assist in navigating the vagaries of the health care system, and maintain your confidentiality.

I am YOUR nurse, and it will be my honor to help whenever you call upon me.

Lesli Weaver, RN, BSN, our FCC Congregational Nurse can be reached on her cell phone at 719.271.5243 or on her landline at 719.635.9787 or at