Gregg Library

Checkout books online.

Internet Checkout Instructions
  1. Please access our online catalog.
  2. Check title(s) you want to check out.  Enter your name, email address and a comment if you wish.  Your request will be automatically emailed to The Gregg at Jeanie Tate.
  3. Return date for books is three weeks and one week for DVD’s and CD’s.  No late fees are charged.  You will be emailed a late reminder.

The Gregg Library is open during church office hours Monday–Friday. Checkout time is three weeks for books and one week for CD’s and DVD’s. Directions for self-checkout are posted. Volunteers maintain the Library.

Contact Jeanie Tate for more information.

Named after its benefactor, Rev. James B. Gregg, the Gregg Library is located on the second floor of the West Building.  We hold some 2900 books, CD’s, DVD’s, and other miscellaneous audiovisual materials.  The collection is unique – some titles have been here over 100 years. Other titles and memorabilia have been donated to Special Collections housed in the Tutt Library at Colorado College.

Our major goal is to enhance the total ministry of the First Congregational Church – our ministers, Children’s and Family Ministry, group leaders, appropriate staff, and all interested members of the church.  Current focus is to support our rapidly growing Kids Community Worship, Sunday morning adult education classes, and the James W. White Lecture Series.

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