Church History

National Register of Historic Places Designation

Special Collections at Colorado College
First Congregational Church and generous individuals have donated memorabilia and numerous titles that are archived and maintained by the Special Collections department housed in the Tutt Library, Colorado College.
Click here to access the Colorado College Archives.

Our Heritage

Our faith tradition’s history is one of the oldest in the United States. Congregationalism was established in New England in the early 1600’s and merged with the Evangelical and Reformed Church in 1957 to form the United Church of Christ (UCC). Vital in the development of our nation, Congregationalists founded many educational institutions, including Harvard in 1636 and Yale in 1701. In 1874, three years after the founding of Colorado Springs, Congregationalists founded The Colorado College and our First Congregational Church.

People and Events in Early History

First Congregational Church’s Historian, Chris Steenbergen shares with us some truly interesting and inspirational articles below about FCC’s history.

A Miner’s Wife
Water For The Towns
Echo Of Principles
Hastings Memorial

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